Remote Sensing for Agricultural Crops Based on a Low Cost Quadcopter

Liseth Viviana Campo Arcos, Juan Carlos Corrales Muñoz, Agapito Ledezma Espino
2015 Sistemas y Telemática  
This paper presents a proposal for information gathering from crops by means of a low-cost quadcopter known as the AR Drone 2.0. To achieve this, we designed a system for remote sensing that addresses challenges identified in the present research, such as acquisition of aerial photographs of an entire crop and AR Drone navigation on non-planar areas arises. The project is currently at an early stage of development. The first stage describes platform and hardware/software tools used to build the
more » ... s used to build the proposed prototype. Second stage characterizes performance experiments of sensors stability and altitude in AR Drone, in order to design an altitude strategy control over non-flat crops. In addition, path planning algorithms based on shortest route by graphs (Dijkstra, A* and wavefront propagation) are evaluated with simulated quadcopter. The implementation of the shortest path algorithms is the beginning to full coverage of a crop. Observations of quadcopter behavior in Gazebo simulator and real tests demonstrate viability to execute the project by using AR Drone like platform of a remote sensing system to precision agriculture.
doi:10.18046/syt.v13i34.2092 fatcat:qjh7g5wtjvathl2zxklpklvdee