Development of a photochemical source for the production and calibration of acyl peroxynitrate compounds

P. R. Veres, J. M. Roberts
2015 Atmospheric Measurement Techniques  
<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> A dynamic system for the calibration of acyl peroxynitrate compounds (APNs) has been developed in the laboratory to reduce the difficulty, required time, and instability of laboratory-produced standards for difficult-to-synthesize APN species. In this work we present a photochemical source for the generation of APN standards: acetyl peroxynitrate (PAN), propionyl peroxynitrate (PPN), acryloyl peroxynitrate (APAN), methacryloyl peroxynitrate (MPAN), and crotonyl
more » ... ), and crotonyl peroxynitrate (CPAN). APNs are generated via photolysis of a mixture of acyl chloride (RC(O)Cl) and ketone (RC(=O)R) precursor compounds in the presence of O<sub>2</sub> and NO<sub>2</sub>. Subsequent separation by a prep-scale gas chromatograph and detection with a total NO<sub><i>y</i></sub> instrument serve to quantify the output of the APN source. Validation of the APN products was performed using iodide ion chemical ionization mass spectroscopy (I<sup>-</sup> CIMS). This method of standard production is an efficient and accurate technique for the calibration of instrumentation used to measure PAN, PPN, APAN, MPAN, and CPAN.</p>
doi:10.5194/amt-8-2225-2015 fatcat:7ru7ehfc7bhbnnccnpritq5uu4