The array for investigations of EAS neutron component

D.M. Gromushkin, N.V. Ampilogov, N.S. Barbashina, F.A. Bogdanov, R.P. Kokoulin, V.V. Ovchinnikov, A.A. Petrukhin, I.A. Shulzhenko, Yu.V. Stenkin, I.I. Yashin, K.O. Yurin, B. Pattison
2017 EPJ Web of Conferences  
The neutron component of EAS has not been practically studied for many years. Creation of the neutron detector arrays PRISMA-32 and PRISMA-YBJ demonstrated the effectiveness of such investigations. It is important to underline that recording the EAS neutron component is carried out over the whole array area. Development of a new larger scale neutron detector array (URAN) in MEPhI will continue these studies. During the construction of the URAN array, a new design of en-detectors based on the
more » ... ors based on the scintillator with natural boron and new electronics was developed. The use of new electronics with a switchable sampling rate allows one to reach EAS fast timing accuracy up to 10 ns. The en-detectors of the URAN are located on the roofs of the buildings. The sensitive area of each detector is 0.36 m 2 , while the array's starting area is ∼ 10 3 m 2 . Total number of the initial array detectors is 72. They are subdivided into 6 independent clusters each of 12 en-detectors, connected with the central data acquisition station.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201714519013 fatcat:rdqv5zodr5eylcf7wadlqakhza