Three-Phase Power-Factor

Austin Burt
1908 Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers  
Based on the commonly accepted definition of power-factor, as " The ratio of true power to volt-amperes ", there can be no single factor that will exactly express such a physical relationship in a delta-connected, unsymmetrical, three-phase system. It is possible, however, to determine, by practical methods, the weighted mean of the three power-factors of the singlephase paths of such a three-phase system, and to express that value by a single-factor. It has been suggested that such a factor
more » ... ht have importance under certain commercial conditions. It is the purpose of this paper, first, to derive from the various relations that exist between the electromotive forces and currents in a three-phase, delta-connected system, a general expression which will enable the mean power-factor to be determined exactly; and, secondly, to develop a method by which the required values employed in the above expression may be readily determined from the standard switchboard instruments.
doi:10.1109/t-aiee.1908.4768083 fatcat:ye2ce77o5vgj5lorqeq3lioibm