Modeling and simulation of traffic lights and controller unit systems by colored Petri net

Behnam Barzegar
2011 International Journal of Physical Sciences  
We know that increasing fuel consumption, high environmental pollution and time wasting are the visible results of high traffic density. Developing new directions or even highways is an alternative way to solve this problem. It may add several junctions. Therefore, we provided a method which declines the waiting time behind the red color in the first phase through controlling Fuzzy logic traffic light and following a fair performance. The density queue behind the red color and also the density
more » ... f passing cars are the arrival parameters in this method. This Fuzzy controller system with receiving those two traffic parameters in regular condition provided timing operation according to the level of traffic or in front of a special traffic mode that will change traffic light condition. Junction controlling problem is raised in the second phase which has specific importance, because their usual operation will cause problems if they remain without control. This not only does not help to traffic managing, but also leads traffic towards deadlock conditions. Therefore, the second phase started through sending the time parameter to the control center (which is timing by Fuzzy traffic light). Then the control center sends appropriate output to the next traffic light after necessary validation of parameter value. We simulate Fuzzy intelligent traffic lights and junction controller systems by CPN Modeling tool to investigate the accuracy of system performance.
doi:10.5897/ijps11.968 fatcat:v74mzpwtungfdfwvf2utjpkzqa