Bayesian Decision Analysis [book]

Jim Q. Smith
2009 unpublished
Replace this text with your own abstract. vii viii PREFACE Many of the illustrations are based round simple ...nite discrete decision problems. I hope in this way to have made the book accessible to a wider audience Moreover, despite keeping the core of the text as nontechnical as possible, I have tried to leave enough hooks in the text so that the advanced mathematician can make these connections through pertinent references to more technical material. Over the last twenty years many excellent
more » ... ears many excellent books have appeared about Bayesian Methodology and Decision Analysis. This has allowed me to move quickly over certain more technical material and concentrate more on how and when these techniques can be drawn together Of course some important topics have been less fully addressed in these texts. When this has happened I have ...lled these gaps here. Obviously many people have in ‡uenced the content of the book and I am able here only to thank a few. I learned much of this material from conversations with
doi:10.1017/cbo9780511779237 fatcat:cigcw6uxfbeszbp4ag4lvycu7u