Submm VLBI toward shadow image of Super Massive Black Hole

Makoto Inoue
2012 Proceedings of Resolving The Sky - Radio Interferometry: Past, Present and Future — PoS(RTS2012)   unpublished
and 4 MIT Haystack Observatory Off Route 40, ABSTRACT We are deploying a new submm VLBI station to get shadow images of Super Massive Black Hole (SMBH). Submm VLBI is thought to be the only way to get the direct image of SMBH by its shadow, thanks to the superb angular resolution and high transparency against dense plasma around SMBH. At the Summit Station on Greenland, we have started monitoring the opacity at submm region. The Summit Station subtends long baselines with ALMA in Chile and SMA
more » ... n Hawaii. In parallel, we started retrofitting the ALMA-NA prototype telescope (renamed as Greenland Telescope: GLT) for the cold weather condition. Resolving the Sky -Radio Interferometry: Past, Present and Future 1 Presenter: Inoue, M. PoS(RTS2012)018 Submm VLBI for SMBH shadow imaging Inoue, m.
doi:10.22323/1.163.0018 fatcat:i4emvw46l5gunf73ptpqrdeqdi