Student-centered and ability training-oriented curriculum reform in teaching Microcontroller Principles and Interface Techniques

Yuling Liu, Liqiang Wang, Yiyong Liang, Xiaoping Wang, Peijun Cai, Xu Liu, Xi-Cheng Zhang
2017 14th Conference on Education and Training in Optics and Photonics: ETOP 2017  
Courses are an important way of cultivating talents in college education. Advanced training schemes and the course system are implemented through course teaching. Advanced teaching notions and methods also rely on course teaching. Therefore, the quality of course teaching is the fundamental guarantor for grooming talent. The teachers of the course "Microcontroller Principles and Interface Techniques" in the Optical Science and Engineering College of Zhejiang University insist on course teaching
more » ... becoming student centered and ability-training-oriented. They pay attention to students'all-round development in terms of learning ability, practical ability, innovation ability, and exploring spirit. They actively carried out course reforms in four aspects, namely teaching, learning, evaluation, and experimentation. This paper mainly introduced these reforms. First, the teaching method was reformed by introducing case analysis and the notion of a flipped classroom to shift the course focus from the teacher to the students. Second, the learning method was reformed through the use of techniques such as peer learning and project design to promote students' sense of enquiry and learning initiative. Third, the evaluation method was reformed through the use of process assessment and diversity evaluation to encourage students to develop logical thinking and a down-to-earth manner. Fourth, the experimentation method was reformed by introducing hierarchical content, process management, and diversification of examination to change students'learning attitude from "dependence, passivity, and imitation" to "independence, active involvement, and creation."In general, the teaching method reform promoted reforms in learning, evaluation, and experimentation methods and further improved the style of study. These reforms improved teachers' teaching abilities and enabled course teaching to transform from being teacher centered to student centered. Years of exploration and practice results have shown that such reforms not only effectively inspire students to learn, explore, and practice actively, Downloaded From: on 7/20/2018 Terms of Use: but also cultivate their creative spirit and courage to face challenges, providing a good platform for theirself-learning and personal growth. The course reforms discussed here have been highly recommended for their reference value.
doi:10.1117/12.2267205 fatcat:k72lg26hvnf6fghune7xfdhg7u