TDDFT assessment of excited state intramolecular proton transfer in a panel of chromophore 2-hydroxypyrene-1-carbaldehyde

Hui Li, Hang Yin, Xiaochun Liu, Ying Shi
2016 The Journal of Atomic and Molecular Sciences  
Time dependent density functional theory method at the def-TZVP/B3LYP level was employed to investigate excited state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) properties of 2-hydroxypyrene-1-carbaldehyde (HC). Our calculated results of the primary bond lengths and infrared vibrational spectroscopic information show that, upon photoexcitation, the intramolecular hydrogen bond is significantly strengthened in S 1 state, which facilitates the proton transfer process effectively. Furthermore, the
more » ... tron density distributions of frontier molecular orbitals were demonstrated to be a positive factor for the ESIPT. By the monitor of the characteristic peaks stretching vibration of O-H group in the IR spectra, we have further confirmed the occurrence of ESIPT. The constructed potential energy surface of the S 1 state has also been used to explain the proton transfer process and evaluate the radiationless pathway, indicating that the ESIPT process occurs most easily in HC molecule. PACS: 33.15.Fm
doi:10.4208/jams.022016.041016a fatcat:cwfmsfsobndrrnu65ohekonxym