The Emergence and Specific Aspects of Slavery in Khiva Khanate. Sources of Slavery, Slave Markets, and Their Prices

2022 Slavery Theory and Practice  
In this article, the occurrence and specific aspects of slavery in Khiva Khanate and the essence of slavery, and its role in social and economic life are shown. The information is given based on archival documents and sources about the strong community relations in Central Asia from ancient times and the fact that slavery relations were not at their classical level but patriarchal slavery due to the long preservation of these relations. The sources of slavery are identified in the article and
more » ... e main three factors that caused slavery. Data from Russian and foreign sources and domestic sources are examined to provide information on slave markets and slave prices. The role and differences of slaves belonging to such nationalities as Russian, Kazakh, Kalmyk, Iranian, Afghan, and Azari Turks in social life are mentioned. The issue of slavery in the Khiva Khanate is one of the least studied pages of the history of not only Khorezm but also Uzbekistan. There is no conclusive research on this topic. From this point of view, the issue of studying and researching this topic is of great importance in the science of history today. One of the most important aspects of the issue of slavery in the Khiva Khanate is the question of the price of slaves brought for sale from different regions. In this article, the question of the price of slaves is analyzed based on information from written sources. During the analysis of the sources of slavery in the Khiva Khanate, the issue of the nature of slavery and its place in social and economic life was scientifically analyzed and conclusions were drawn. At the same time, based on the content and essence of the article, issues of the influence of the ethnic and social origin of slaves on their prices and attitude towards slaves in Khiva Khanate were scientifically analyzed.
doi:10.13187/slave.2022.1.3 fatcat:egseofjcija6xkjme5pmnzj7eu