Efeitos da adição de carbonetos na resistência ao desgaste e à corrosão de uma liga auto-fluxante depositada por aspersão térmica [thesis]

Gladston Torres de Mesquita Alencar
In this work, aiming to improve the wear and/or corrosion performance of selffluxing alloys coatings, samples SAE 1020 steel were coated by thermal spray process, one of then was coated only with a self-fluxing nickel-based (NiCrBSiC) alloy and two others, in which was applied this alloy with additions of boron carbide or silicon carbide. The coatings were characterized by means of optical and electronic micrography, microhardness, corrosion and microwear tests. The coating added with boron
more » ... dded with boron carbide showed the highest level of hardness and the better wear performance, followed by the coating with silicon carbide and the pure self-fluxing alloy. The samples added with boron or silicon carbide showed similar corrosion performance, with higher corrosion potential in comparison to that presented by the sample without addition.
doi:10.11606/d.18.2009.tde-13012011-160328 fatcat:enivqdvdureezh6hvhvmbpkjd4