The Changes of Carbon Emission in China's Industrial Sectors from 2002 to 2010: A Structural Decomposition Analysis and Input-Output Subsystem

Guoxing Zhang, Mingxing Liu
2014 Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society  
Based on 2002–2010 comparable price input-output tables, this paper first calculates the carbon emissions of China's industrial sectors with three components by input-output subsystems; next, we decompose the three components into effect of carbon emission intensity, effect of social technology, and effect of final demand separately by structure decomposition analysis; at last, we analyze the contribution of every effect to the total emissions by sectors, thus finding the key sectors and key
more » ... sectors and key factors which induce the changes of carbon emissions in China's industrial sectors. Our results show that in the latest 8 years five departments have gotten the greatest increase in the changes of carbon emissions compare with other departments and the effect of final demand is the key factor leading to the increase of industrial total carbon emissions. The decomposed effects show a decrease in carbon emission due to the changes of carbon emission intensity between 2002 and 2010 compensated by an increase in carbon emissions caused by the rise in final demand of industrial sectors. And social technological changes on the reduction of carbon emissions did not play a very good effect and need further improvement.
doi:10.1155/2014/798576 fatcat:2sz4wq555jfappk6nkbfys6kw4