Integrated Optical Phased Arrays for Beam Forming and Steering

Yongjun Guo, Yuhao Guo, Chunshu Li, Hao Zhang, Xiaoyan Zhou, Lin Zhang
2021 Applied Sciences  
Integrated optical phased arrays can be used for beam shaping and steering with a small footprint, lightweight, high mechanical stability, low price, and high-yield, benefiting from the mature CMOS-compatible fabrication. This paper reviews the development of integrated optical phased arrays in recent years. The principles, building blocks, and configurations of integrated optical phased arrays for beam forming and steering are presented. Various material platforms can be used to build
more » ... d optical phased arrays, e.g., silicon photonics platforms, III/V platforms, and III–V/silicon hybrid platforms. Integrated optical phased arrays can be implemented in the visible, near-infrared, and mid-infrared spectral ranges. The main performance parameters, such as field of view, beamwidth, sidelobe suppression, modulation speed, power consumption, scalability, and so on, are discussed in detail. Some of the typical applications of integrated optical phased arrays, such as free-space communication, light detection and ranging, imaging, and biological sensing, are shown, with future perspectives provided at the end.
doi:10.3390/app11094017 doaj:b4fbc5e7470c469b894b3be439c31be0 fatcat:asbuax57fbcbbj2zijepjcv564