ETC2.0 プローブデータを活用した都市間高速道路における休憩行動実態把握
Analysis on the Resting Behavior of Inter-urban Expressway Users with ETC2.0 Probe Data

Shoichi HIRAI,, XING Jian, Jian XING, Shin-ichiro KAI, Ryota HORIGUCHI, Nobuhiro UNO
2017 JSTE Journal of Traffic Engineering  
This research studies the resting behavior of inter-urban expressway users. For the better understanding of those resting behavior, ETC2.0 probe data seems promising since it contains individual vehicle trajectories. As a preliminary step to the resting behavior modeling, the study aims to build the database of resting behavior of each trip using the trajectory information of ETC2.0 probe data and to analyze the characteristics of the trajectories and resting behavior so as to yield some
more » ... s into the resting behavior modeling through basic analysis. In the study, resting behavior in free flow state was extracted with high precision to build the resting behavior database. A simple determination method was proposed to discriminate resting at service or parking area from passing it, which is quite difficult to judge from the probe data when queue forms on the mainline. The study also obtained some findings of the points to note in making use of the present ETC2.0 probe data such as the bias in the composition of vehicle types and separation of trips covering two successive days, basic aggregate results of rest time distribution and number of rests, relationship between successive rests in one trip.
doi:10.14954/jste.3.4_a_36 fatcat:3yuv53lnzrgbxazdupixkgdqu4