Laser Based Digital Pen with Multi-Purpose Mouse Functionality

Asef Chowdhury, Mohammed Belal, Hossain Bhuian, Mohammed Belal, Hossain Bhuianasef, Sharar, Towfiqulalam
Proposition for building a remote wireless computerized pen, which can work similar to a computer mouse, however more exquisitely with the assistance of image processing (on MATLAB). This particular pen can be utilized for composing, painting in classrooms, presentations on meetings and conferences, and so forth. This pen contains two click buttons simply like a mouse, and their operation is executed by utilizing two circuits, one is the transmitting circuit and the other one is the receiver
more » ... is the receiver circuit. The pen will work in co-ordination of utilizing both the circuit and the coding of image processing. It also incorporates a webcam which recognizes the red bright dot projected by the Light Radiating Diode placed on the tip of the pen and the red dot is projected within boundary of the webcam.