Terahertz magneto-optical polarization modulation spectroscopy

Deepu K. George, Andreas V. Stier, Chase T. Ellis, Bruce D. McCombe, John Černe, Andrea G. Markelz
2012 Journal of the Optical Society of America. B, Optical physics  
We report the development of new terahertz techniques for rapidly measuring the complex Faraday angle in systems with broken time-reversal symmetry using the cyclotron resonance of a GaAs two-dimensional electron gas in a magnetic field as a system for demonstration of performance. We have made polarization modulation, high sensitivity (< 1 mrad) narrow band rotation measurements with a CW optically pumped molecular gas laser, and by combining the distinct advantages of terahertz (THz) time
more » ... ertz (THz) time domain spectroscopy and polarization modulation techniques, we have demonstrated rapid broadband rotation measurements to < 5 mrad precision.
doi:10.1364/josab.29.001406 fatcat:wg2apyr4tzeabbqk4hrh67yoie