Alfonsa Maria Abi
2021 HISTOGRAM Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika  
Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) is one of the important elements in improving students' understanding because teachers are required to master teaching materials or subject matter (content) and master teaching knowledge (pedagogic). As a prospective mathematics teacher, students are also required to have PCK skills. This research is a qualitative descriptive type that aims to analyze the ability of PCK prospective mathematics teacher students who take microteaching courses as a prerequisite
more » ... or conducting PPL activities in schools. The subjects of this study were 34 mathematics education students taking microteaching subjects in the 2015/2016 school year. The results showed that prospective mathematics teacher students have been able to coordinate and arrange all parts of the lesson plan properly, especially in terms of systematics. This means that they have good knowledge about the curriculum, understand students according to their level of knowledge in secondary schools and know how to evaluate. The results of the description of the implementation of the learning process, found that students are still lacking in teaching knowledge and about content, have not been able to do learning in accordance with what has been designed and are not able to understand well how to present the material according to learning strategies in the lesson plan. PCK students in the learning process still has many shortcomings, especially in the content, teaching and students. Students understand the concepts or teaching material but are less able to explain. Plans and implementation must be in harmony so that PCK's capabilities are more leverage.Kata Kunci: Mathematics, Microteaching, PCK
doi:10.31100/histogram.v4i2.710 fatcat:ggrp56sur5dilbki7ksmx5m7ha