Attosecond Control of Ionization by Wave-Packet Interference

P. Johnsson, J. Mauritsson, T. Remetter, A. L'Huillier, K. J. Schafer
2007 Physical Review Letters  
Attosecond pulses can be used to initiate and control electron dynamics on a sub-femtosecond time scale. The first step in this process occurs when an atom absorbs an ultraviolet photon leading to the formation of an attosecond electron wave packet (EWP). Until now, attosecond pulses have been used to create free EWPs in the continuum, where they quickly disperse. In this paper we use a train of attosecond pulses, synchronized to an infrared (IR) laser field, to create a series of EWPs that are
more » ... below the ionization threshold in helium. We show that the ionization probability then becomes a function of the delay between the IR and attosecond fields. Calculations that reproduce the experimental results demonstrate that this ionization control results from interference between transiently bound EWPs created by different pulses in the train. In this way, we are able to observe, for the first time, wave packet interference in a strongly driven atomic system.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.99.233001 pmid:18233360 fatcat:wszjzsdjvrhs3ion3ie7fqas6m