Salma Mursyid
Islam as a comprehensive and wholesome system of living and a wisdom foundation is a religion that directs human beings toward a complete life, since the beginning of its introduction (forteen centuries) Islam does not only teach a one dimensional life but also teach a multidimensional one including theology, Worship, muamalah, moral, philosophy, law and many others. Islam is a complete wholly and perfect teachings that directs a Muslim both in worshipping and in social interaction. All
more » ... action. All teachings are encapsulated in Alquran and hadits both in a form of general and technical concept. During an interaction, a Muslim and a Non-Muslim have restrictions that are arranged and assigned values and concepts of tolerance (al-samahah) in Islam are resourced from Alquran and hadits. Rules on tolerance in islam is restricted to alBaqarah (2): 256. One frequently occured problem on the interreligion tolerance is a friction between tolerance and aqidah norms. Some people think that it is not a problem to wish someone Merry Chrismas or even to participate in the celebration believing that it is part of the interreligion tolerance. As a matter of fact in Islam, the concept of tolerance is cleraly stated that aqidah and ibadah are not to be compromised. Thus no matter of how small it is, a friction should be avoided. Islam adalah agama yang mengatur kehidupan manusia menuju kehidupan yang paripurna. Sebab Islam merupakan suatu sistem kehidupan yang komprehensif dan tuntas serta mengatur pondasi yang bijak hingga pada hal-hal yang terkecil. Jadi, Islam sejak awal kedatangannya (empat belas abad) yang lalu pada hakekatnya telah membawa