High efficiency PERT cells on n-type silicon substrates

Jianhua Zhao, Aihua Wang, P.P. Altermatt, M.A. Green, J.P. Rakotoniaina, O. Breitenstein
Conference Record of the Twenty-Ninth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 2002.  
ABSTRACTS High minority carrier lifetimes of a few milliseconds have been demonstrated both on CZ and FZ n-type silicon substrates. It is particularly interesting that the phosphorus doped n-type CZ wafers give minority carrier lifetimes nearly as high as those from the best p-type FZ silicon materials. This gives a good potential for very high performance on n-type CZ substrates. 21.1% and 21.9% efficiencies are reported for PERT (passivated emitter, rear totally-diffused) cells fabricated on
more » ... ells fabricated on these n-type mono-crystalline CZ and FZ silicon substrates, respectively. High open-circuit voltages approaching 700 mV have been demonstrated by these cells. Unfortunately, a non-uniform emitter saturation current has caused low fill factors for these cells, which will be investigated in future research. 1.
doi:10.1109/pvsc.2002.1190495 fatcat:erejc2rwprhefoy2ckxtz6s3xe