Properties ofJ/ψatTc: QCD second-order Stark effect

Su Houng Lee, Kenji Morita
2009 Physical Review D  
Starting from the temperature dependence of the energy density and pressure from lattice QCD calculation, we extract the temperature dependence of the electric and magnetic condensate near T_c. While the magnetic condensate hardly changes across T_c, we find that the electric condensate increases abruptly above T_c. This induces a small but an equally abrupt decrease in the mass of J/ψ, can be calculated through the second-order Stark effect. Combining the present result with the previously
more » ... rmined QCD sum rule constraint, we extract the thermal width of J/ψ above T_c, which also increases fast. These changes can be identified as the critical behavior of J/ψ across T_c associated with the phase transition. We find that the mass shift and with broadening of J/ψ at 1.05 T_c will be around -100 MeV and 100 MeV respectively.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.79.011501 fatcat:qnrnmvxuyjg7hom7dztcbf2fz4