Mobile Multi-Blogging in Smart-M3: Architecture and Scenarios

Diana Zaiceva, Ivan Galov, Aleksandr Sannikov, Artyom Mezhenin, Dmitry Korzun
The popularity of blogs increases in today's social networks. The case when a blogger is presented in several blogs at multiple blog services becomes typical, leading to multi-blogging activity. This paper analyzes the upcoming challenges of multi-blogging. We propose a smart space architecture of Scribo, aiming at a new mobile multi-blogging application for Smart-M3. The application consists of a set of agents (Smart-M3 knowledge processors, KPs). Each KP is responsible for a narrow function
more » ... d uses the smart space as a publish-subscribe system. Aggregation of blog data from multiple blogs and services as well as context information about blogger interests and status becomes a norm in our architecture. Smart-M3 supports notification mechanisms when one KP subscribes for some data and another KP notifies the former by publishing the data. Our approach allows constructing new smart scenarios for bloggers. Distributing blog functions over the set of KPs also concerns about mobility since a part of processing moves from low-performance mobile devices of end-users to dedicated mediators.