The Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, January 6, 1925] [article]

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A r«-habl* rvnodr for couch* , Crodar«4 hy ciycri <*»ml*U . f*-* •■II* Fric*. C«c boul*^"V Aiiiiowirsig^^^STOti JTrff ^ttss Roal CoU Tabkte am wm^u. fwtm, »u wm VMMmin UXAU HDGIIOII nm FIRST YEAR NANAflUO. VANCOUVER ISLAW. BRfnSH COUMUK TUESDAY. JANU>«Y 6, 1925. WHONEOFNENICCilSED OrNUUNOBIIKIROfiliEilY. DraBEBYJIlDCECIISiDIDI aMtiu. Ju. •-rMvrcl Jmitrn u t Waak la ■*■ livta* danlad • aadflA* ' •• To Be Celel for writ of hah* _ _________________ of Hum «' WaUoa. foraar city dai«-il*a. held wlih
more » ... foar olbar aa*-_____ -" " -r «or obaaryai:™ of Moarew. rohhrry of Nanaimo. BC , branch of f|r*i , •ry. Ji ry tt. lananry II and Koynl Banh of Canada on Dae., midinc Jai .. an-'rfdVr "iS.Ta*;::, i::^ uTaih ra«hland. Cal . Ian 4-Walter to exiradile him to Canada." Atlor-John'on • caah offer of till 444 naya Roaa and Paltemon aald today P«r.Aao* the Oakland Baaeball Club Thm preaent extradition proceedlnga rwtuaed on Baiarday by J acalniil flhiTrly will be dropped ' Kwing. owner of lha club a fran-Shlaely i • King County ' n the Pacific ( pft hem yeatrrday for I ha wUI bar* charge the alleged .Nanaimo bank robber* and the men acruaed of lha Beryl G marder Hr look lea warrant* with him. Briton Praues Graduates of U.S. Journalism SchooU London. Jan 4 Sir Roderick M Jonea. chairman of Keutera. the Hrittoh nawa agancy. la a recent letter to The Spectator, urging aapcuaraea of of London, pay* a warm irtbate to the educational •laadarda of American Journallam I'nited I any* Sir Roderick. waa aald Swing the Waahlngin option to buy had expired, informed Johi COIINCllitECElYES CHEQUE FROM THE PROVINCUKiOn. The fall board waa at laat nlght'a meeting of Coancll. with Hla Worah Ruaby preaiding, a com which waa a pleaaing o Mayor and Aldermen beli atiendancf City ihip Mayor
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