WISHes coming true: water in low-mass star-forming regions with Herschel

L.E. Kristensen, R. Visser, E.F. van Dishoeck, U.A. Yıldız, G.J. Herczeg, S. Doty, J.K. Jørgensen, T.A. van Kempen, C. Brinch, S. Wampfler, S. Bruderer, A.O. Benz
2011 EAS Publications Series  
Water is a key molecule for tracing physical and chemical processes in star-forming regions. The key program "Water in starforming regions with Herschel " is observing several water transitions towards low-mass protostars with HIFI. Results regarding the 557 GHz transition of water are reported here showing that the line is surprisingly broad, and consists of several different velocity components. The bulk of the emission comes from shocks, where the abundance is increased by several orders of
more » ... several orders of magnitude to ∼10 −4 . The abundance of water in the outer envelope is determined to ∼10 −8 , whereas only an upper limit of 10 −5 is derived for the inner, warm envelope.
doi:10.1051/eas/1152029 fatcat:rmgsz6znezdwjlfufavu6naoji