Differential Contributions of Thalamic Nuclei in the Generation of Antisaccades

Ian G. M. Cameron, Masayuki Watanabe
2010 Journal of Neurophysiology  
Our knowledge of thalamus function comes largely from anatomical studies showing, for example, that the ventroanterior (VA) and ventrolateral (VL) nuclei are connected to "motor" regions, whereas the mediodorsal (MD) nucleus is connected to prefrontal "executive" regions. Interestingly, Kunimatsu and Tanaka recently showed that preparatory signals for antisaccades (a motor response requiring executive control) were enhanced compared with prosaccades in the VA/VL but not in the MD, which is surprising given MD's connection to executive regions.
doi:10.1152/jn.00603.2010 pmid:20739592 fatcat:ry6ms736rzddnkvyq3yguzx6pi