Physico-chemical, proximate, sensory and storage quality attributes analysis of Papaver somniferum (poppy) fortified chevon nuggets

Saniya B. Kamal, Arvind Kumar, Tanuj Tanwar
2017 Journal of Applied and Natural Science  
Papaver somniferum(Poppy) seeds contain poly-phenols like tannic acid, ellagitannin that act as antioxidant, fat replacer, sedative, analgesic and anti-tussive properties, disease preventing and health promoting proper-ties. Efficacy of ground P. somniferum poppy seed was used in chevon nuggets was analyzed. The use of ground poppy seed in chevon nuggets formulation had no effect on moisture as well as pH content of poppy seed incorporated chevon nuggets. However, ground poppy seed
more » ... in chevon nuggets had significantly (p<0.05) lower fat content, higher protein content, higher emulsion stability and subsequently higher cooking yield. Chevon nuggets having 10% ground poppy seed were having significantly (p<0.05) higher sensory scores. The ground poppy seed treated chevon nuggets were having significantly (p<0.05) lower TBA and FFA value. The microbial load of developed product was significantly (p<0.05) lower during refrigeration storage. The chevon nuggets prepared with fortification of ground poppy seed was found to be suitable for consumption till 21st day during refrigeration storage based on TBA, FFA, microbiological and sensory profile. Thus, chevon nuggets with good to very good acceptability were developed with incorporation of ground poppy (P. somniferum) seed in it. The chevon nuggets developed consisted of higher amount of antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acid with better sensory scores and longer shelf-life.
doi:10.31018/jans.v9i1.1158 fatcat:x3vptoaf4vg2netc7l6x5nuqkm