Security Evaluation Against Collision-based Power Analysis on RSA Algorithm Adopted Exponent Splitting Method
지수 분할 기법이 적용된 RSA 알고리듬에 대한 충돌 전력 분석 공격 안전성 평가

Jaecheol Ha
2015 Journal of the Korea Institute of Information Security and Cryptology  
The user's secret key can be retrieved by various side channel leakage informations occurred during the execution of cryptographic RSA exponentiation algorithm which is embedded on a security device. The collision-based power analysis attack known as a serious side channel threat can be accomplished by finding some collision pairs on a RSA power consumption trace. Recently, an RSA exponentiation algorithm was proposed as a countermeasure which is based on the window method adopted combination
more » ... message blinding and exponent splitting. In this paper, we show that this countermeasure provides approximately   attack complexity, much lower than   insisted in the original article, when the window size is two.
doi:10.13089/jkiisc.2015.25.5.985 fatcat:gihibkvlnjah5d75tqhcfr56ji