Role of valence-band Co 3d states on ferromagnetism in Zn1−xCoxO nanorods

J. W. Chiou, H. M. Tsai, C. W. Pao, K. P. Krishna Kumar, J. H. Chen, D. C. Ling, F. Z. Chien, W. F. Pong, M.-H. Tsai, J. J. Wu, M.-H. Yang, S. C. Liu (+4 others)
2007 Applied Physics Letters  
This work investigates the electronic and ferromagnetic properties of Zn 1−x Co x O nanorods using x-ray absorption, x-ray magnetic circular dichroism, and scanning photoelectron microscopy methods. The magnetic moment of Co ions in Zn 1−x Co x O nanorods is found greatly reduced relative to that of the Co metal. The intensities of valence-band features near the valence-band maximum/ Fermi level ͑E F ͒ of ferromagnetic nanorods are substantially larger than those of weaker ferromagnetic
more » ... rromagnetic nanorods, suggesting that the occupation of near-E F valence-band Co 3d states is important in determining the ferromagnetic behavior in Zn 1−x Co x O nanorods.
doi:10.1063/1.2432234 fatcat:qsukkx4oejg3lch5sin6274gxy