An overview to the cytological, physiological, genetic and morphological effects of essential oils of Mentha longifolia

Sedat BOZARI, Güleray AĞAR, Derya EFE, Ömer BİNGÖL
2021 Muş Alparslan Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Dergisi  
The present study was aimed to impress the cytological, physiological, genetic, and morphological effects of the essential oil obtained by hydro-distillation from Mentha longifolia (L.) HUDSON (L.) HUDSON on maize seeds. These naturally occurred compounds can be used instead of synthetic chemicals. To determine the biological activity of the essential, they were applied to Zea mays L. seeds at different concentrations. It was observed that the germination rate and mitotic division of the root
more » ... ps were decreased with the increasing of the concentrations. Genomic stability was established by RAPD and the genetic differences between concentrations with the AFLP technique. The alterations of RAPD and AFLP profiles did not support germination rate and mitotic index results while supporting each other. To determine the effects of the volatile on gene expression, the soluble protein level, and plant growth regulators levels were measured and the changes in the protein profile were determined by SDS-PAGE analyses. The independent changes were observed at plant growth regulators, soluble protein level, and protein profiles. It was determined that the oils showed independent effects at different parameters against to maize seeds. It was concluded that different mechanisms have been considered by maize seeds to protect seeds from exogenous substances.
doi:10.18586/msufbd.1031259 fatcat:57y6n42kvndqdkr33xbvjeu57q