Complex Monitoring Performance and the Coronary-Prone Type A Behavior Pattern [dataset]

Richard I. Thackray, R. Mark Touchstone
1986 PsycEXTRA Dataset   unpublished
A 5-The present study examined the possible relationship of the coronary-prone Type A behavior pattern to performance of a compiex monitoring task. The task was designed to functionally simulate the general task characteristics of future, highly automated air traffic control systems in which passive monitoring is expected to be a principal job requirement. Thirtysix male subjects, half ciassified as Type A and half as Type B, monitored the simulated radar display over a 2-hour session for
more » ... uent critical changes in alphanumeric targets. In addition to performance, physiological changes and subjective reactions were also assessed. Type A individuals were found not to differ from Type B individuals in either task performance or in subjective reaction to the task. Task-related changes in heart rate, blood pressure, and general restlessness failed also to provide any evidence of greater arousal in Type A's than in Type B's. The findings are discussed relative to other studies of Type A behavior and performance and to the specific problem of finding useful predictors of performance in operational monitoring situations. / , 17. Key Words 18. Distrinbution Statement Performance 19. Security Clossif. (of this report) 20. Security Classif.
doi:10.1037/e511482009-001 fatcat:mfitoqjw2vevxbxrherrv5lkae