Nature of Heavy Quasiparticles in Magnetically Ordered Heavy FermionsUPd2Al3andUPt3

M. Dressel, N. Kasper, K. Petukhov, B. Gorshunov, G. Grüner, M. Huth, H. Adrian
2002 Physical Review Letters  
The optical conductivity of the heavy fermions UPd2Al3 and UPt3 has been measured in the frequency range from 10 GHz to 1.2 THz (0.04 meV to 5 meV) at temperatures 1 K < T < 300 K. In both compounds a well pronounced pseudogap of less than a meV develops in the optical response at low temperatures; we relate this to the antiferromagnetic ordering. From the energy dependence of the effective electronic mass and scattering rate we derive the energies essential for the heavy quasiparticle. We find
more » ... that the enhancement of the mass mainly occurs below the energy which is related to magnetic correlations between the local magnetic moments and the itinerant electrons. This implies that the magnetic order in these compounds is the pre-requisite to the formation of the heavy quasiparticle and eventually of superconductivity.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.88.186404 pmid:12005706 fatcat:ermqudgbvnhltblrmrssrpwqlu