Фазовый переход полупроводник--суперионик в пленках сульфида серебра

А.В. Ильинский, Р.А. Кастро, М.Э. Пашкевич, И.О. Попова, Е.Б. Шадрин
2020 Журнал технической физики  
Frequency dependences of dielectric loss tangent tanδ (f) and Cole-Cole diagram of thin films of silver sulfide at various temperatures in the range 0-200 ° C were studied. A comparison of experimental data with the results of calculation of electrical circuit complex impedance of Ag2S samples is made. The comparison is made for temperatures before and after semiconductor-superionic phase transition. Based on the analysis of experimental results and literature data, a microscopic model of the
more » ... opic model of the phase transition in Ag2S is proposed.
doi:10.21883/ftt.2020.12.50218.152 fatcat:ep2bx6w6yzbdznc6rf2ggaovdy