PubChem applications in drug discovery: a bibliometric analysis

Tiejun Cheng, Yongmei Pan, Ming Hao, Yanli Wang, Stephen H. Bryant
2014 Drug Discovery Today  
A bibliometric analysis of PubChem applications is presented by reviewing 1132 research articles. The massive volume of chemical structure and bioactivity data in PubChem and its online services has been used globally in various fields including chemical biology, medicinal chemistry and informatics research. PubChem supports drug discovery in many aspects such as lead identification and optimization, compound-target profiling, polypharmacology studies and unknown chemical identity elucidation.
more » ... ubChem has also become a valuable resource for developing secondary databases, informatics tools and web services. The growing PubChem resource with its public availability offers support and great opportunities for the interrogation of pharmacological mechanisms and the genetic basis of diseases, which are vital for drug innovation and repurposing.
doi:10.1016/j.drudis.2014.08.008 pmid:25168772 pmcid:PMC4252728 fatcat:ht66r6b2h5bcpjh4m74mhspvjm