Scientific Substantiation of the Hotel Business Compliance in Pandemic Conditions

Liudmіla Bovsh, Larysa Hopkalo, Igor Komarnitskyi
2020 Restaurant and hotel consulting. Innovations  
The topicality. The conditions of the pandemic lockdown prompted economic entities to restructure their activities in accordance with the new communication and operational rules. The service sector, the main purpose of which is the leisure organization, it has suffered the most from quarantine, as it has been banned. Therefore, some institutions have closed down, unable to withstand the crisis tendencies in the consumer market, financial pressure from landlords, and some have reformatted the
more » ... iness to new conditions of interaction with customers -remote services and delivery. Mitigation of quarantine has helped revive activities, but it is legitimate within the protocols and regulations of local and state authorities to prevent the spread of viral infections. Therefore, the management of economic entities implements compliance control, the purpose of which is to carry out economic activities in accordance with laws, regulations and protocols, deviation or ignoring which creates risks of reputational and financial losses. Compliance control identifies economic and reputational risks, carries out prevention and management, forming a set of real measures to protect business and its owners. Thus, the implementation of a compliance control system is an important component of the development strategy of economic entities, including the hotel business, and a relevant object of study. Purpose and methods. The purpose of the study is to theoretically analyze the compliance of hotel services and the formation of a model that identifies areas for improvement of hotel services in pandemic risks. The comparative nature of compliance as a category of proof of compliance with certain limitations contributed to the use in the research process of a set of general scientific methods, such as abstraction, analysis and synthesis, modeling, elimination of factors influencing the object of study, gap method for scoring compliance and allowed to substantiate the proposed imperatives of the framework conditions of compliance in the hotel business. Results. An empirical assessment of the financial losses of hotels from the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has been carried through in Ukraine. The directions of compliance of hotel service have been formed. The imperatives of framework conditions of service in hotels in the conditions SCIENTIFIC SUBSTANTIATION OF THE HOTEL BUSINESS COMPLIANCE IN APANDEMIC CONDITIONS Ресторанний і готельний консалтинг. Інновації. 2020 Том 3 № 2 Restaurant and hotel consulting. Innovations. 2020 Vol. 3 No 2 167 of the COVID-19 pandemic have been compiled. The compliance of hotel service compliance has been screened by the gap method. Conclusions and discussions. It is scientifically substantiated that the conceptualization of compliance control of hotel services is an urgent scientific task, as it allows to study the requirements for it and to comply with what is necessary in quarantine conditions. Further research needs to be deepened in order to assess the financial gaps in the implementation of the imperatives of the framework conditions in the business processes of the hotel, as well as to assess new forms of hotel services that have emerged in the world hotel business during the pandemic.
doi:10.31866/2616-7468.3.2.2020.219691 fatcat:tqpc6crkqnatthrdefeyglt6na