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1920 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
REVIEW. 320 R only 133 sniiiplca of imported bccr wcro cxnmiiicd ns coinpnrcd with 10,000 sntnplcs for tho yenr oiidcd Nnrcli 31, 1914. Vcry littlo foreign bccr is 1111ported n t present. Of 9G9 sninplcs of beer nnd brewing mntcrids tcstcd for nrscnic, iiro only wcro found to contnin moro tlinii thc limits lnjd down by tho ltoynl Cominission on 1\rsciiical Poisoiiiiig, viz., olio liuiidrcdtli of n grniri of nrscnious oxido pcr pound of solids or per gnllon of liquid. All. tl!c 282 snmplcs of
more » ... t niid siignr tcstcd wcro sntisfnctory, nnd of 019 finrnplcs of k c r iiiid wort thrcc o~l y cxcccdcd tho limits for nrscnic. Iniportcd cidcr nnd pcrry furnishcd sniiiplcs, 20 of which wcrc clnssctl ns Spirit Prcpnrntions, niid nll tho t x~e i i honic-produced p!nplcs " did not consist solcly of fcr~nciitcd npplc JUICC." Duty wns remitted on scvcii cidcrs too sour to Ijo siilcnblo. OF Lrhh wntcrs, 20 snniplcs of mincrnl nnd spn waters, 333 of cordinls, syrups, fruit juices, nnd CSSCIIWR, rind 102 of ~ioti-:ilcoholic tvincs wcro cxainiiicil nn&r tho Finnnco Acts, 1910. Of spirits, 955 samples of fcrinciitcd wnsh, 19 of fuscl oil, 29 of grog, 10 .of illicitly distilled spirits, 1,339 of compouiidcd spirits for cxport niid 18,123 of spiritoris prcpnrntions for csport, 25,007 of iniported spirits nnd spiritous propnrntioiis woro cxmniiiid ; g0.i snniplcs of wood mplitlin nnd iiiiiicrnl
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