Caspian J of Dent Res Evaluation of the general dentists' problems during and after posterior composite filling in Babol

Cjdr Ir, Reza Chelan, Faezeh Abolghasemzade, Faezeh Abolghasemzade
Posterior composites are one of the most popular filling materials. The aim of this study was to evaluate the problems of general dentists during and after posterior composite restorations in city of Babol. Materials &Methods: In this study, data were collected using questionnaire about the problems during and after posterior composite filling. Then data were analyzed by chi square test. Results: The highest complains of patients after posterior composite filling were related to the food
more » ... on (33.4%), the most clinician's problem during posterior composite filling was inadequate proximal contact (37.2%) and most of dentists used pressing matrix band for proper proximal contact (31.2%). Most of dentists used incremental technique for composite filling (49.3%) and two-step total etch adhesives (68.7%) according to the manufacturer's instructions (44.2%) and applied wet polishing technique (75.6%) and major criteria for choosing composite as restorative material in posterior teeth were the ability of isolation (41.8%). Conclusion: Increasing the knowledge of dentists about these restorations may reduce the associated problems during and after composite filling.