Phase diagram for the anisotropic SU(2) adjoint Higgs model in 5D: Lattice evidence for layered structure

P. Dimopoulos, K. Farakos, G. Koutsoumbas
2002 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
We explore, by Monte Carlo and Mean Field methods, the five--dimensional SU(2) adjoint Higgs model. We allow for the possibility of different couplings along one direction, describing the so--called anisotropic model. This study is motivated by the possibility of the appearance of four--dimensional layered dynamics. Actually, our results lead to the conclusion that the establishment of a layered phase in four dimensions described by U(1) symmetry is possible, the extra dimension being confined
more » ... ion being confined due to the SU(2) gauge symmetry. The five-dimensional adjoint Higgs model turns out to have a layered phase, in contradistinction with what is known about the pure SU(2) model.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.65.074505 fatcat:tl4n4mnyevblraobyjgzzcoqz4