Process Simulation of Nonisothermal Fixed Bed for Noncatalytic Reaction

Jun-ichiro YAGI, Reijiro TAKAHASHI, Yasuo OMORI
1974 Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan  
Synopsis A mathematical model for nonisothermal fixed bed for noncatarytic reaction and its numerical calculating method were presented in this paj;er. Fundamen tal partial differential equations were numericalry solved by means of the digital computer (M odels 500 and 700 of NEAC 2200 series in T ohoku University), according to the method of characteristics. The change in the gas temperature with time at three levels in the experimental fixed bed were also measured during the reduction process
more » ... e reduction process of iron oxide pellets with ~yd1"Ogen . I t was found that the mathematical model presented in this paper could well simulate the observed temj;erature change. MO"eover, this model was capable of explaining the observed changes of average fractional reduction of iron oxide pellets with time over the whole bed height. Further investigation was extended to the thermal behavior rif fixed bed 011 the basis of the mathematical model. Consequentry, a fundamental j;atlem of the temperature distribution or temperature change with time was clarified for the nonisothermal fixed bed.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational1966.14.17 fatcat:xhh2oss34ba2neh7djw4laz4nq