The Marine Biological Station at Port Erin

W. T. Dakin
1908 Internationale Revue der gesamten Hydrobiologie und Hydrographie  
D. Aus den Stationen, lnstituten und Kommissionen. In the year 1886, at a meeting of local naturalists Iroin Liverpool and district, summoned by Prof. W. A. H e r d i n a n the L. M. B. c., was formed. Its objects were then declareci to be the investigation of the Marine Fauna and Flora (and m y related subject such as inarine geology and tlie physical condition of the water) of Liverpool ~a y and the neiglibouring parts of tllc Irish Sea, and if practicablc to establish and inaintain : I Cio-
more » ... inaintain : I Cio- The fiarine Station at Port Erin. Mit 7 J%l1ren ill1 Text.
doi:10.1002/iroh.19080010412 fatcat:idhs2ro3trc47ozw3bzk3bz3we