Critical Components Identification for Service-Oriented Systems

Xiuguo Zhang, Shuo Jiang, Xinghao Qiao, Zhiying Cao, Liangjun Zhang
2019 Symmetry  
Identifying critical components are of great significance to the overall reliability of service-oriented systems (SOSs). As the size of the SOS increases, identifying critical components in the process of predicting the SOS reliability can reduce the number of components that need to be predicted and shorten the prediction time. Moreover, predicting the reliability of critical components can also ensure the stability of the SOS. Therefore, we transform the relationships among service components
more » ... of the SOS into a service dependency graph. Then, an improved weighted LeaderRank algorithm (IW-LeaderRank) is proposed to measure the importance of components and obtain the sequence of critical components. Through experimental analysis, the method can accurately and efficiently identify critical components in SOSs.
doi:10.3390/sym11030427 fatcat:qhbne2raezamlke4f2gdrqpime