Prediction of the Suspended Transport Rate of River Reach

Thair Sharif Khayyun
2020 Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University  
A new suspended transport rate equation using field measurements that apply to the Euphrates River's reach in the upstream direction from the Ramadi barrage in Iraq was developed via multiple linear regression. The governing parameters were carefully chosen based on dimensional analysis and grouped into four parameters: shields, transport, mobility, and particles. The ability of the suspended transport rate equations of Karim-Kennedy and van Rijn were tested. A total of 25 series of field data
more » ... ries of field data for which the concentration of suspended load, average flow depth, sediment particle size, flow velocity, and the width of the water surface were applied. A comparison of the suspended transfer rates in the river reach and the calculated transport rates in the modified equation showed good coincidence. The evaluation results showed that the new equation performed better than the three equations used. The performance of the new equation was determined utilizing three statistical criteria (the coefficient of determination, discrepancy ratio and relative error). The computed suspended transport rates were found within a discrepancy ratio of 1.02 for the measured values and a relative error of 13.4%. The performance of the Van Rijn formula performed better, with a discrepancy ratio of 1.26 for the measured values and a relative error 39%, than the other two equations. The percentage of data that ranged between 0.5–2.0 of the discrepancy ratio varied between 72–100% for the three equations and the new equation.
doi:10.35741/issn.0258-2724.55.2.44 fatcat:7jgvkgx4hvhq7j5il4tmn4uhsq