High-resolution image reconstruction from multiple differently exposed images

B.K. Gunturk, M. Gevrekci
2006 IEEE Signal Processing Letters  
Super-resolution reconstruction is the process of reconstructing a high-resolution image from multiple low-resolution images. Most super-resolution reconstruction methods assume that exposure time is fixed for all observations, which is not necessarily true. In reality, cameras have limited dynamic range and nonlinear response to the quantity of light received, and exposure time might be adjusted automatically or manually to capture the desired portion of the scene's dynamic range. In this
more » ... r, we propose a Bayesian super-resolution algorithm based on an imaging model that includes camera response function, exposure time, sensor noise, and quantization error in addition to spatial blurring and sampling. Index Terms-Bayesian estimation, high-dynamic range imaging, multi-frame image reconstruction, super-resolution.
doi:10.1109/lsp.2005.863693 fatcat:2ywfqmwrmnek7cbihlsx6mlvpy