Environmental risk management of fuel companies in the financial statements

Adam Lulek
2018 European Journal of Service Management  
JEL classification F64, G32, Q56, M49 Abstr act The word risk has been with us for centuries. Over time, it has evolved and today we can talk about different types of risks, including environmental risk. Listed companies, in particular fuel ones, through their operations affect the surrounding nature. Therefore, they should inform customers, shareholders, investors of their doings. The best way to do this is an appropriate presentation of information on risk management in the enterprise.
more » ... enterprise. Unfortunately, the present state of affairs is not ideal. Data presented in reports that relates to the said aspect is incomplete, poorly illustrated and unreadable. In their presentation of risk management, companies should take account of its stages. Stakeholders should be able to read about the identification, assessment, essence, description, financing and administration of environmental risk. All this information should be presented in a coherent, easy-to-find and clear manner. As a result, shareholders or investors will be able to make better investment decisions concerning a given company. #0#
doi:10.18276/ejsm.2018.27/1-17 fatcat:elb2mfjncbfqjp4hxy5ohl5ake