Penalized polytomous ordinal logistic regression using cumulative logits. Application to network inference of zero-inflated variables [article]

Aurélie Deveau, Anne Gégout-Petit, Clémence Karmann
2019 arXiv   pre-print
We consider the problem of variable selection when the response is ordinal, that is an ordered categorical variable. In particular, we are interested in selecting quantitative explanatory variables linked with the ordinal response variable and we want to determine which predictors are relevant. In this framework, we choose to use the polytomous ordinal logistic regression model using cumulative logits which generalizes the logistic regression. We then introduce the Lasso estimation of the
more » ... sion coefficients using the Frank-Wolfe algorithm. To deal with the choice of the penalty parameter, we use the stability selection method and we develop a new method based on the knockoffs idea. This knockoffs method is general and suitable to any regression and besides, gives an order of importance of the covariates. Finally, we provide some experimental results to corroborate our method. We then present an application of this regression method for network inference of zero-inflated variables and use it in practice on real abundance data in an agronomic context.
arXiv:1805.10097v2 fatcat:7ecuud727rhrhhuzgan5mhzwkq