Study the pathological changes and the bacterial and parasitic agents present in some internal organs of wild rats

Mohammed J. Alwan
2005 The Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Medicine  
In order to study the pathological lesion in some internal organs of wildrats as well as bacteriological and parasitic isolation. Post-mortom examinationof 45 wild rats collected from different parts of baghdad city was done. The rsultshowed that 29 rats from 45 were infected with Cryptosporidia spp , andHymenolips spp . Bacteriological and pathological examination revealed thefollowing bacterial Isolate and pathological changes :1. Sub acute suppurative hepatitis , Klebisella spp, Salmonella
more » ... a spp, Salmonella typhimuriumwere isolated from this lesion .2. Granulomatus hepatitis with isolates of Ps.aeroginosa , E. coli and Kl.spp.3. Acute Fibrinous pericarditis with isolates of Ps. Aeruginosa, Strep.Pyogens.4. Nephrosis .5. Subacute suppurative entritis , with S. typhimurium and Cryptospordia spp .isolates.6. Parasitic entritis .Cryptosporidia spp. and Hymenolips spp were isolated frominfected tract .7. Acute Hepatocellular degenration with bacterial isolates included Staph.aureus and proteus spp.
doi:10.30539/iraqijvm.v29i1.870 fatcat:qf2pywteo5hmxohdgoude552aq