Accidental Entry of Foreign Body in Maxillary Sinus—A Case Report

Nishant Kumar, Himanshu Bhutani, Pushpak Jain, Abhishek Verma, Sps Tomar, Shaibal Chaterjee, Ankur Garg, Rohit Awana
2015 Open Journal of Stomatology  
Extraction of the first molar or premolar is the commonest cause of oro-antral fistula. Management involves identification of the same, removal of any foreign body from the maxillary sinus, if present, followed by appropriate flap for closer. A case is presented when a gutta percha (GP) point was accidentally dislodged into the right maxillary sinus during preliminary diagnosis of the oro-antral fistula. The surgical management of the case is described and is the appropriate treatment plan. A
more » ... years old female with history of nasal discharge following extraction of upper right molar was referred to department oral and maxillofacial surgery following the iatrogenic dislodgement of gutta percha (GP) point into the right maxillary sinus. The gutta percha point got dislodged into sinus during preliminary investigations. Periapical and panoramic radiograph confirmed the presence of GP point in the right maxillary sinus (Figure 1) . Treatment was planned to retrieve the gutta percha point by Caldwell-Luc approach and closure of oroantral communication using buccal fat pad. The GP point were visualized and removed, the maxillary sinus irrigated and the wound was sutured with 3-0 vicryl.
doi:10.4236/ojst.2015.51001 fatcat:zkx66rrmwrdelnml7sdq5c4c3a