Thoughts on the Law of Automobile Industry Development

Yuwu Fu, Xiumin Chen
2019 Chinese Journal of Engineering Science  
摘要:汽车产业经过 130 多年的沉淀,积累了不少全球业内普遍接受和认可的规律。当前,我国汽车产业正处于转型升级的 战略机遇期,迫切需要提高对产业的认识,加强对产业发展规律的研究,避免浮躁、违背规律现象的出现。本文从技术、市 场、人才等多个角度,尝试归纳了汽车产业发展中转型与升级相辅相成的关系、资金技术劳动密集的产业特性、创新与协同 的必然要求等九大规律,以指导和推动我国汽车产业健康、可持续发展。 关键词:汽车产业;发展规律;可持续发展 中图分类号:F407 文献标识码:A Abstract: Automobile industry has accumulated numerous worldwide-accepted laws since its emergence over 130 years ago. China's automobile industry is currently facing a strategic opportunity for industrial transformation and upgrading, so it is necessary to
more » ... rengthen the research on the laws of development for the automobile industry, thus to avoid any impulsive actions. In this paper, nine laws of development are summarized from the aspects of technology, market, and talent, including the complementary relationship between transformation and upgrading, the characteristics of the capital-, technology-, and labor-intensive industry, the inevitable requirements of innovation and collaboration, etc., thus to guide and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the automobile industry in China.
doi:10.15302/j-sscae-2019.03.019 fatcat:wsexikye2rccfe7if6abznoleu