Design and Machining of a Screw Rotor of a Single-Screw Compressor
싱글 스크류 압축기의 스크류 로터의 설계 및 가공

Doo-Hyeong Kim, Jin-Ho Kyung, Yoang-Hwan Kim
2016 Journal of The Korean Society of Manufacturing Technology Engineers  
ARTICLE INFO ABSTRACT Article history: Single screw compressors are widely used in the fields of air/gas compression, refrigeration, and chemical fluid transportation systems. A single-screw compressor is composed of a screw rotor and two gate rotors located at both sides. This simple construction enables low rotational speed of the rotor, efficient compression with low noise, low vibration, and long bearing life. Despite these merits, the design method of single-screw compressors is not well
more » ... ssors is not well known. To accelerate the industrial application of single-screw compressors, a design method using coordinate transformation is presented in this paper, and a tool trajectory is established for machining. Finally, the screw rotor, which is machined using the proposed method, is presented.
doi:10.7735/ksmte.2016.25.6.452 fatcat:kx5zmmg5c5fr5nma6mo4dhmody