Determination of Organophosphoric Acid Tiesters from Different Landfill Sites and Sewage Plants in Japan

Haruki Shimazu
2011 International Journal of GEOMATE  
Seven organophosphoric acid triesters (OPEs) were measured in the water emissions from five active landfill sites and three closed inactive landfill sites. Many kinds of OPEs were detected and the highest concentration levels are 10,000ng/L orders of magnitude. The OPE concentration levels for the closed inactive landfill sites were almost same with those for the active landfill sites. It will be necessary for the closed inactive landfill sites to do continuous monitoring and further
more » ... further maintenance. The same OPEs were measured in the inlet waters and the outlet waters from two sewage plants. The OPE concentration levels in the inlet waters were almost same with those for the landfill sites. The OPE concentrations in the outlet waters were lower than those in the inlet waters. Some OPEs could be removed in the treatment process of sewage plants. It is probably effective for OPE reduction to introduce the treatment process into landfill sites.
doi:10.21660/2011.2.2j fatcat:c5jgzdpkzrevpgup7z7lstsv4e