Une variable nouvelle 4.1909 Cephei

W. Ceraski
1909 Astronomical Notes - Astronomische Nachrichten  
Sa position d'aprQ I' A. G. C. est 1855.0 a = 23h16m38%6 d = +78O 9'5313 Une variable nouvelle 4.1909 Cephei. est cette variable, peut-&re elle est irrtguliere ou bien ilest possible que sa ptriode soit de quelques mois, de quatre Dar exemde. Sur des clichts dus Adressenberichtigung. I wish to call attention to an error in my address as given in Stroobant's List in his book on observatories and astronomers. My address is there given as SDorchester, Nebraska,< and a considerable quantity of mail
more » ... matter, all from Germany, was detained from April to September last year; possibly some lost altogether. My correct address is as heretofore, 19 Winter Street, Dorchester, Mass., U. S. A. Dorchester, I 909 Febr. I 3. Paul s. Ym&ZZ. Inhalt zu Nr. 4309. A. A. Nglund. Beobacbtungen von langperiodischen Variablen. 201. -G. A. Fmuro. Osservazioni del pianeta (3) Juno, della cometa 1908 c (Morehouse). 207. -M. B e l l . Ephemeride des Kometen 1908 c (Morehouse). 209. -E. Simon. EphCmCride de la plankte (605) [1906 w]. 211. -M. B c l l . Ephemeride des Planeten (659) rig08 CS]. 213. -M. Wolf. Photographische Aufnahmen von kleinen Planeten und Jupitersmonden. 213. -W. Cwurki. Une variable nouvelle 4.1909
doi:10.1002/asna.19091801308 fatcat:4o2y2ainf5erxhal4hhndyozea